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The Team

We believe that "If art is to nourish the roots of our culture: Society must first allow artists the freedom to follow his/her vision, wherever that may take them." It is with that very un-caged freedom that Joseph Indelicato and Erik Sylk ignite a fire. A fire fueled with with artistic evolution, as they embark on their newest project FINE TUNED RECORDINGS. Combining music, art, and culture: They intend to provide a platform for like minded artists. In turn developing a plethora of creative projects.

First and foremost will always be the music. Each release on the FINE TUNED label will deliver innovative, boundary pushing creativity. At FINE TUNED we have a forward thinking approach and vision. Our ongoing commitment to continuously strive for perfection, versatility, and quality in order to put us at the forefront. We intend to obtain, keep, and captivate our audience for years to come.

In addition to music, FINE TUNED will be bringing you our friends, family, and fans, with us as we explore ( The City That Never Sleeps ). We hope to enlighten minds in all we do. We will be integrating the New York fashion scene as we launch a clothing line inspired by all that is New York, but with a FINE TUNED touch.

More About us

We are Fine Tuned

Erik Sylk - CEO/Founder/DJ/Producer

Househeads will do anything for this -- An experience as dirty, yet smooth, as a night of house music mixed by DJ Erik Sylk. Growing up surrounded by one of house music's biggest mainstays, aka New York City, Erik quickly gave in to the temptation brought upon him by memorable, sexy vocals and deliciously heart-pumping beats. This DJ is blessed with an infectious personality and ear for talent that has already awarded him an exciting repotoire at the world's most famous (and well, infamous) nightclubs.

Music has remained a major apex of Erik's life for over a decade. He used his art as a solace after the loss of his mother Filomena in 2004 and grandmother Carol ten years earlier. “[My love of] music is the only thing that got me through all that” the 28-year old DJ explains. “It's still what gets me through.” Despite a lingering heartache, the future of Erik Sylk is looking so bright he might want to don a pair of shades. This colorful music personality has more than a few projects in the works and is loving every second.

Joseph Indelicato - CFO/Founder/DJ/Producer

Joseph Indelicato aka Jindo started his NightLife experience at an early age. in the Mid-late 90's he was playing Teen parties building his reputation among Local Promoters & Owners as a Master of the TurnTables. In the early 2000's Joseph started realizing, that he did not just want to blend records, but he wanted to Create the music that others would live and party to.

In 2005 Joseph was already was heavy into music production before his creation of Jindo. He had early success with his original "Learn to Dance" also getting attention from his remixes of "Charlotte - Skin" , "Arthur Baker - The Breaks" and catching lightning in a bottle with his remix of "Last night a dj saved my life". With these original & remix works Joseph had already set himself apart from many other producer/dj's out there, creating new cutting edge sounds for the average club goer.

Anthony Cardinale - Artist

They say that natural musical ability and a strong ear for music is a gene passed down in one’s blood; a trait as hereditary as eye color, or facial features. Never has that been more true than the day Anthony Cardinale received his first drum set, at the early age of three. With only one basic, informal lesson from his Dad (a singer-songwriter, midi programmer, and keyboardist in a busy dance band), Anthony was already on his way to cultivating his masterful skills at beat-making; what they call, “a natural.”

Anthony then earned his first residency, at Club Abyss, in 2010. Despite his young age, Anthony has been working hard to spread his sound, and achieve his mission. Accomplishing more in just two short years than some artists with a ten-year career span, at age eighteen, Anthony has been featured in clubs such as Pacha (NYC), District 36 (NYC), Surf Club (NJ), and Aztec (NJ), and has already earned residencies in Karma (NJ, 2011), Club Merge (NJ, 2011), Deko Lounge (NJ, 2012), and most recently, District 36 (NYC, 2012). He has also been featured with artists such as Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Dubfire, and many more.

Lamek - DJ/Producer

LáMek started dabbling in the Dance Music scene in 2005. Being Heavily Influenced by the likes of Legends Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, and incorporating Modern Music influences of Sven Vath & Marco Carola, Nero has started to produce his own style of Dance Music.

His first official music release, a Collaboration with good friend & fellow Fine Tuned Recordings artist Anthony Cardinale, Nero remains in the studio creating his own unique sound for the masses.

Llieno - DJ/Producer

Bio coming soon...

Milton Channels - DJ/Producer

Milton pineda or known as Milton Channels begins his taste by electronic music since he was just 5 years old. from his early age he was interested in the sounds like tech, trance and house. For a few years he has been working in his musical productions which are full of groove. His productions go from minimal groove to electrotech.

His performances are full of strange music but full of fun all night long. A Milton Channels performance is loaded of minimal groove electro, techno, and other styles that by their good rate cause that people dance and enjoy in great.

David Cabeza - DJ/Producer

Bio coming soon...

3 Friends - DJ/Producer

Bio coming soon...

Rodrigo Carreira - DJ/Producer

Bio coming soon...

Bageera - DJ/Producer

Bio coming soon...

Decibel Flekx - DJ/Producer

As one of the east coasts most talented, and consistent Techno producers, Flekx is just as capable behind the decks as he is in the studio. Owner/CEO of Assimilation Recordings, his label is helping redefine and re-establish the sound of American Techno to the world!!! The passion this artist has for the music is evident in everything he does. His DJ sets are focused, aggressive, and his track selection is tough as nails.

2013 has been one of the biggest years for Decibel's DJing and Producing career by sharing the stage with Spektre, Tom Hades, Subfractal, Alex Bau, Audio Injection, Frank Sonic, Marc Romboy and Repressor. He has also landed his original productions in compilations along side quite a hefty list of well known producers such as iFormat, Monya, Flex, Mark Morris, Diarmaid O Meara, Tosi, Citizen Kain, Phuture Traxx, Ovi M, Psycatron, Erphun, Monix, Justin Schumacher, Repete, Terence Fixmer, Speedy J, Angel Alanis, Secret Cinema & MicRoCheep & Mollo to name a few.

Manny Rodriguez - DJ

Plenty of talent has leaked out of the New York underground in the world of house music within the past few years. While most of the styles and genres were strictly deep tech, progressive, tribal etc. being a resident DJ of Union City New Jersey, I’ve uniquely incorporated my latin roots, smooth vocals and heavy bass lines to create a genre entirely my own to appeal to the masses.

Our Albums

Crew Love (the compilation) *Coming Soon*


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